Core Java Fundamentals (8th Edition)

Core Java Fundamentals (8th Edition)
Core Java Fundamentals (8th Edition)
Prentice Hall PTR | ISBN: 0132354764 | edition 2007 | PDF | 864 pages | 19 mb

In this book you will find lots of sample code that demonstrates almost every\’ language
and library feature that we discuss. We keep the sample programs purposefully simple
to focus on the major points, but, for the most part, they aren\’t fake and they don\’t cut
corners. They should make good starting points for your own code.
We assume you are willing, even eager, to learn about all the advanced features that
Java puts at your disposal. For example, we give you a detailed treatment of:
• Object-oriented programming
• Reflection and proxies
• Interfaces and inner classes
• The event listener model
• Graphical user interface design with the Swing UI toolkit
• Exception handling
• Generic programming
• The collections framework
• Concurrency
With the explosive growth of the Java class library, a one-volume treatment of all the
features of Java that serious programmers need to know is no longer possible. Hence,
we decided to break up the book into two volumes. The first volume, which you hold in
your hands, concentrates on the fundamental concepts of the Java language, along with
the basics of user-interface programming. The second volume, Core Java, Volume II—
Advanced Features (forthcoming, ISBN: 978-0-13-235479-0), goes further into the enterprise
features and advanced user-interface programming. It includes detailed discussions of:
• Files and streams
• Distributed objects
• Databases
• Advanced GUI components
• Native methods
• XML processing
• Network programming
• Advanced graphics
• Internationalization
• lavaBeans
• Annotations
In this edition, we reshuffled the contents of the two volumes. In particular, multithreading
is now covered in Volume I because it has become so important, with Moore\’s
law coming to an end.
When writing a book, errors and inaccuracies are inevitable. We\’d very much like to
know about them. But, of course, we\’d prefer to learn about each of them only once.

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