Adobe Photoshop Elements — Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 [Update]

Adobe Photoshop Elements — Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 [Update]
Adobe Photoshop Elements - Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 [Update]
Adobe Photoshop Elements — Adobe Premiere Elements v10.0 (Eng/2011) | 4.12 GB

The program Adobe Photoshop Elements combines great features and easy to perform a wide range of tasks: editing and photo processing, storage is always \»at hand\» creative work with photos with exciting new ideas that you can implement in the original slide show, photo mailing emails, web galleries, and countless other possibilities.

A new version of the entry-level video editor Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for Windows. Among the features introduced in this release, you can provide new tools for rapid image correction

Not in vain the name of the program is the word «Elements». This is not the full version of the famous program Adobe Photoshop. Full version, designed for professional photographers and designers, has many features, it is not necessary an ordinary user. Lay people understand it is very difficult. There are a lot easier.
Despite the fact that this is not the full version of the original program, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.0 has a very broad capabilities for working with images. Forget about the confusion with the names of files that are automatically generated digital camera. Now all the photos are organized in one central location. Photos can be organized using tags (keywords) that help to classify the whole group of photos. The application also allows you to instantly find the photo you want, regardless of the size of the collection.

- Creating optimal exposure. Want to hit the photo captured all the details of the plot, including light and dark areas? Perform one shot with flash and one without, and the function of exposition Photomerge ® combines these images into a single, perfectly lit photo.
- Resize images without distortion. Want to change the size or location of the photograph, to be placed in a certain frame? Now you can quickly resize images and even change the page orientation without distorting the main elements of these images: people and buildings.
- Convenient centralized management of all abilities. Handy organizer allows you to combine photos and videos, and plays the role of the control center for all the footage. Now you can easily search, view and manage their media data, and use the whole range of possibilities for their creative process.
- Quickly find your best photos. Now you do not need to open hundreds of shots to choose the best. Take advantage of the automatic analyzer, which automatically mark up your footage to a ymogli find the most interesting and high quality pictures and videos.
- Instant search of photographs of the right people. Thanks to the recognition of personalities, automatically identify people in the pictures, you can quickly find photos and videos, which show your friends or relatives.
- Zoom. Thanks to full-screen preview of organizer you can quickly view and evaluate the photos and videos, and now in this mode you can also edit images.
- Elimination of defects and the creation of these masterpieces in seconds. Photo Effects will make teeth whiter in the photos, the sky — a bright blue. And now, when the following one-step set of photos, including the adjustment of light, contrast and brightness, you can quickly choose the best score of the group preview.
- Give your images a sense of freshness. Experiment with new design elements and patterns to give a new look to their pictures printed out.
- Take advantage of Windows 7 support. Take advantage of the new platform, Windows ® 7 and the practical possibilities of technology Windows Touch.

Main features:
- The organization. Quickly find and view photos and video clips in one convenient control center media content.
- Combine all your photos and video clips. A quick search of the necessary shots. View photos convenient for you.
- Edit. Use simple, but effective editing tools to ensure a perfect appearance of your photographs. Removal of any defects in seconds. Easily the most complex editing tasks. Artistic processing of images. Create expressive collages. The introduction of text and graphics. Advantages of the technology Adobe Photoshop.
- Create a. Create custom prints, including photo albums, albums with newspaper clippings, postcards, calendars, and style them to your liking. Opportunities for creativity. Create and print at home.
- Swap. You can instantly publish photos online Facebook ?, on his personal page and elsewhere, to show their kith and kin. Easy creation of projects and providing them shared on the network. Share photos from one convenient point.
- A new version of the entry-level video editor Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for Windows. Among the features introduced in this release, you can provide new tools for rapid image correction. For example, you can now just one click to fix problems with color gamut video. With Premiere Elements 10 easier to create a slide show of photos and an opportunity to more flexibly manage its settings. While playing a slideshow, you can do, \»hitting\» on people who are depicted in the photo. Thus, face recognition is automatic.

For those who does not like to spend much time on design video series, offering new threads InstantMovie, allows you to create colorful video from existing footage in seconds. Finished movies can be exported in AVCHD, maintaining the quality of the source video. Finally, it is worth noting the improved performance of the program with 64-bit version of Windows 7.

- Turning photos into amazing movies. Relive your photos with pan and zoom effects, make your story a dramatic or funny. Automated features themselves will find and allocate the face and apply effects to pan and zoom.
- Easy correction or improvement of color. Automatically increases the brightness and saturation of colors without affecting the color. Separately adjust the color of the bright regions, shadows or midtones.
- HD quality on standard DVD-ROM. Record movies in HD quality affordable DVD-drives, using the standard recording device.
- Quick demonstration on popular websites. Import the video and instantly upload to Facebook and YouTube, and quickly publish the finished film on Facebook.1
- Faster adding tags to photos with your friends list on Facebook. Use your list of friends on Facebook, to quickly mark the people on their pictures, and then easily upload the photos on Facebook.
- Quick search for photos on the subject. Want to find images that are captured his surfboard, his grandmother\’s house or the Eiffel Tower? The search function will automatically find pictures of objects, depending on what they depict.
- Export to AVCHD. Demonstrate movies in high-quality format AVCHD.
- All the benefits of the 64-bit Windows 7. Quickly and with a stable result edit material due to 64-bit operating system Windows 7.
- Unusual results due to new opportunities for creativity. Make your movies fun with new themes, templates, online albums and more.
- A better sound on a Mac. Using a Mac for editing? Now you can use the SmartSound, to add different sound tracks, which are automatically adjusted in accordance with the duration of the film.