Akvis Alchemy (all-in-one 15) + Business Pack (15 PlugIns + 13 Standalones)

Akvis Alchemy (all-in-one 15) + Business Pack (15 PlugIns + 13 Standalones)

Akvis Alchemy (all-in-one 15) + Business Pack (15 PlugIns + 13 Standalones) | 487 MB

AKVIS LLC (AKVIS) specializes in graphics software. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of experts in the field of information technology with extensive experience in software development. Currently, the company released a number of successful programs for a wide range of users.

Graphics software company AKVIS (AKVIS) can easily and accurately restore old photos, removal of image defects, make available to touch-up with just one click, create a collage with the adaptation of colors, making pictures in pencil drawing, oil painting pictures, and many other things in the processing photos.

Programs can be installed as plug-ins (PlugIn) for Photoshop (and other grafichiskih editors), and as a stand-alone program (Standalone)
Compatible with the AKVIS plug-in graphic editors.

Retoucher v.4.5 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Restoration and Retouching
Chameleon v.7.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Creating a collage
MultiBrush v.5.5 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Retouching and Creativity
Enhancer v.11.5 (PlugIn + Standalone) — photocorrection with increasing detail
Refocus v.1.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — fix blurry photos
Coloriage v.7.5 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Colorizing images
Noise Buster v.7.5 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Remove Digital Noise
Sketch v.12.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Turning photos into the picture
Decorator v.2.0 (PlugIn) — Changing the texture and repainting the surface
LightShop v.3.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Amazing light effects
ArtSuite v.6.7 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Effects and Frames
SmartMask v.3.0 (PlugIn) — Select an object in the photograph
Magnifier v.4.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — The increase in digital images
ArtWork v.5.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — Imitation of artistic styles
NatureArt v.2.0 (PlugIn + Standalone) — A touch of nature