Mac OS X 10.7.2 Build- 11C35

Mac OS X 10.7.2 Build- 11C35
Mac OS X 10.7.2 Build- 11C35
Mac OS X 10.7.2 Build 11C35 | 4.11 GB

The most advanced computer operating system in the world is perfect. On Friday, Apple introduced the Golden Master Mac OS X 10.7 Lion for developers. The term Golden Master means that this version of the software is the ultimate version and it will become available to all users.

New features of the operating system:
. Launchpad — Control (folder, the desktop) and run your application in the style of iOS
. Full-screen applications
. Mission Control — unites in itself Dashboard and Expose, and became the center of the windowing applications, desktops, and so on.
. Gestures & animations — new multitouch gestures
. Auto-Save preservation working condition even after logging out
. Versions — Time Machine for documents — Manage document versions in two mouse clicks
. Resume — saves the state of your Mac after a restart, including all applications, sites and documents
. Mail 5 — new e-mail client style iPad
. AirDrop — Instant wireless transmission of documents
. Lion Server — a server version is now built into Mac OS X Lion

Gives you instant access to all your applications — like the iPad. Just click the Launchpad in the Dock. Open windows will disappear, and in their place will be convenient full screen list of all the applications on your Mac. You can navigate to other pages swipe gesture applications, and applications can be a convenient way to organize, drag to new locations or integrating into the folder. When you download an application from the App Store for Mac, it automatically appears in Launchpad and ready to go.

Each application on the iPad is displayed in full screen mode — to distract you, but you can easily switch to other applications. With Mac OS X Lion\’s available on your computer. You can expand the window to full screen with one click, move to another fullscreen application swipe gesture on the trackpad, and the same gesture back to the desktop and go to other applications. All these actions can be performed without leaving full screen mode. System support enables third-party developers to take full advantage of technology and make full screen applications more attractive. Now there is nothing to distract you from work, and the game will be even more exciting

Mission Control
It is a powerful and useful new feature that lets you know what applications are running on a Mac. You can see them all, including Dashboard widgets and full-screen applications. A simple swipe gesture — and appears on your screen Mission Control. Here you can view all open windows grouped by application, preview full-screen applications and Dashboard widgets in a single mode. For any item in Mission Control can go with one click. You will control your Mac entirely.
Thanks to the Multi-Touch gestures any action on the iPad simple and intuitive. Now, advanced technology available to Multi-Touch and Mac. You will appreciate the instant response when using dynamic gestures, such as smooth scrolling, zooming of images and pages, swipe to full screen mode. In Mac OS X Lion every gesture swipe, zoom and scroll looks and feels more realistic.

Auto Save
Now you can forget about saving manually. Auto Save function in Mac OS X Lion automatically saves changes to the work — you do not need to worry about. Instead of creating additional copies, Mac OS X Lion stores the changes in the working paper, to efficiently use disk space. Lock function allows you to protect from accidental document and save it to lock automatically after two weeks. A function to return the document shows the form in which it was at last opened, so you can always start over

Versions function keeps a record of changes to the document as it is created. Mac OS X Lion automatically creates a version of the document each time you open it, and every hour of work with him. If you need to go back to the old version or view of the document, the function will Versions open document next to a chain of previous versions (interface similar to Time Machine), so you can track all phases of work. You can return to the latest version of the touch or a quick copy and paste part of an older version of the current version of the document.

If you had to reboot the Mac, you know what it takes. First you need to save your work and all applications and then spend time and restore everything to its original state. Thanks to the \»Resume\» all of these procedures in the past. The \»Resume\» to reboot Mac — for example, after a software update — and instantly return to work. All your applications will appear in the same place where you left them. When you finish and then start the application, the function of \»Resume\» opens it exactly as you left it. You do not have to start all over again.

Mail 5
As well as the Mail on iPad, Mail 5 in Mac OS X Lion offers a new design that uses a wide screen of your Mac to the max. You can view all messages in the mailbox or open a selected message to the entire height of the screen. On the new panel, \»Mailbox\», you can open favorite folders with a click. In addition, Mail 5 offers a new and effective way to search, which allows you to quickly and easily find the right message, even in the largest share.

Mail also offers five function \»Conversations\» — a new convenient tool for reading and working with email, which automatically groups messages one conversation, even if the subject line is changed in the course of correspondence. Simply select the email in the inbox to open a chain of individual messages in chronological order. You can save all correspondence or remove it completely.

Thanks to AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion, you can send files via wireless network. AirDrop function requires no installation or configuration. Just click the icon in the sidebar AirDrop Finder, and your Mac will automatically find a number of other people using AirDrop. You can even see pictures of contacts for those who already are in your address book. To send a file, simply drag it over the user\’s behalf. And if they agree, the file will go straight into his folder \»Downloads\». After completing the file transfer, simply close the Finder, and your Mac will no longer be visible to others.

Fully updated system FileVault
Now the data on your Mac even more reliably protected by 128 bit XTS-AES encryption at the disk level. The initial encryption of all data in the background — quickly and quietly. Also, FileVault encrypts all external drives and provides the ability to instantly erase all data with your Mac.

Lion Server
Lion Server is now included in the package of Mac OS X Lion. You can easily customize your Mac as a server and use a variety of services that offer Lion Server. Here are just some of the new features that make server management has become even faster, easier and more efficient than ever before.
Lion Server helps you configure your Mac as a server. All the functions of local and remote administration — access for users and groups, delivery notifications, file sharing, calendars, mail, contacts, instant messaging, Time Machine, VPN, Internet and wiki — in one place.
Profile Manager offers easy to configure and manage devices, Mac OS X Lion, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch based on profiles. It integrates with existing directory services and automatically update the profiles with the service Apple Push Notification.
Wiki Server 3 makes it easy to collaborate, share and exchange information. Users can quickly switch between the main server page and navigate to \»My Home\», \»Updates», «Wiki», «Community\» and \»Podcasts\». Now file sharing is now even easier, and with a new editor page setup can be done in a jiffy.

Lion Server enables wireless file sharing for the iPad. With support for WebDAV in the Lion Server iPad users can open, copy and share documents on the server of applications such as Keynote, Numbers and Pages.

Install :
*Install Mac OS X 10.7
*Run Update

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