Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar (Win/Mac)

Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar (Win/Mac)
Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar (Win/Mac)

Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar (Win/Mac) | 6.61 GB

Gibson Les PaulTM Custom, is the most supported and loved electric guitar in the world. Over three months, we recorded the sounds of this excellent electric guitar played by a top guitarist using the latest Digidesign® ProToolsTM HD system. You can make very authentic guitar track using LPC\’s Real Time Legato Slide instruments.

Prominy Sound Solution has released a new guitar for a sampler library Kontakt2, reproducing the sound of legendary guitar Gibson Les Paul. Library as the best by almost all the world\’s leading magazines. Otsemplirovany absolutely all ways of playing with a full shading: single notes, 5-string chords, 4-string chords, muted, octave, vibrato, the sound in different tunings, a lot of noise and effects, a great number of legato slide from grayscale to the octave ; the various chords, played by a blow upwards and downwards: majeur, minor, sept, with the raised 9-th stepping stone, and others.

Extras. information:
for the installation simply enough extract the all of the files into one folder!!! Roughly speaking this whole affair inappropriately installer! not zadavatye questions why so conceived by the manufacturer. SOUNDS is the Bible and not a toy …only rarely write responses to the questions at once … so komentiruyu

This product; LPC Electric Guitar does not comes with Kontakt Player. (V-METAL, SR5 Rock Bass, SC Electric Guitar comes with Kontakt Player.) LPC requires Kontakt (Kontakt 2 or later). If you don\’t own Kontakt, You need to purchase it separately. (Kontakt Player can not load LPC samples because Kontakt Player is only for Kontakt Players-based libraries which are encoded for Kontakt Player.)

OS: Mac OS 10.4.x / Windows XP or later (depending on the Kontakt version)
HDD: 70 GB of available hard-disk space (ATA100 or faster recommended)
CPU: 1.4 GHz or higher
RAM: 1GB or greater (1.5 GB or greater recommended)
DVD — ROM drive
Native Instruments Kontakt (Kontakt2 or later)

Link Extabit ,Rapidgator , lumfile & netload:
If links die, I will reupload at here.

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