Office 2010 Activate All Editions By Clitorius

Office 2010 Activate All Editions By Clitorius

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Microsoft Office 2010 (also called Office 2010 and Office 14) is a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows, and the successor to Microsoft Office 2007. Office 2010 includes extended file format support, user interface updates, and a changed user experience.A 64-bit version of Office 2010 is available, although not for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

New features and improvements :-

* Office 2010 is more \»role-based\» than previous versions.There are features tailored to employees in \»roles such as research and development professionals, sales people, and human resources.\» In its Internet implementation, Office 2010 incorporates features of SharePoint Server and borrows from \»Web 2.0\» ideas.

* Microsoft Office 2010 includes updated support for ISO/IEC 29500:2008, the International Standard version of

* Office Open XML (OOXML) file format.Office 2010 provides read support for ECMA-376, read/write support for

* ISO/IEC 29500 Transitional, and read support for ISO/IEC 29500 Strict.[31] In its pre-release (beta) form, however,

* Office 2010 only supported the Transitional variant, and not the Strict.The intent of the ISO/IEC is to allow the removal of the Transitional variant from the ISO/IEC compliant version of the OOXML standard.Microsoft Office 2010 supports OpenDocument Format (ODF) 1.1, which is an OASIS standard.

* New features also include a built-in screen capture tool, a background removal tool, a protected document mode, new SmartArt templates and author permissions. The 2007 \»Office Button\» was replaced with a menu button that leads to a full-window file menu, known as Backstage View, giving easy access to task-centered functions such as printing and sharing. A notable accessibility regression from 2007 is that the menu button scores worse with the Fitts\’s law accessibility calculation than previous versions. A modified Ribbon interface is present in all Office applications, including Office Outlook, Visio, OneNote, Project, and Publisher. Office applications also have functional jumplists in Windows 7, which would allow easy access to recent items and tasks relevant to the application.

Features of Office 2010 include:

* Ribbon interface and Backstage View across all applications.

* Background Removal Tool.

* Letter Styling.

* The Word 2007 Equation editor is common to all applications, replacing Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0.

* New SmartArt templates.

* New text and image editing effects.

* Screen Capturing and Clipping tools.

* Live collaboration functions.

* Jumplists in Windows 7.

* New animations in PowerPoint 2010.

A new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 is Outlook Social Connector, which allows users connect to and receive updates from their social network inside Microsoft Outlook. When users view their emails a name, picture, and title is available for the person they are contacting. Upcoming appointments can also be viewed with this new feature and users can request friends. Outlook Social Connector currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn,MySpace and Windows Live Messenger.

Installation instructions

01. When Downloaded Use WinRar or a Similar Program to Extract Files.

02. First Downlaod Trial Verison of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

(Download Link:—EUR//office2010/X16-32250.exe )

03. Then install it.

04. Then Double Click \»OfficeActivator.exe\» (which is in the downlaoded Folder) & Run the Actiavtor & Register your office 2010 Version .(For Futher Informations Please read \’Readme.txt\’ text file)

05. You are now successfully registered !!

06. Enjoy !!!!!!!!


* I explain here only one Office 2010 Edition.Downlaod Other edition Trial versions from

* This activator is valid for All Office 2010 Editions such as Visio And Project 2010 ,Office Professional Plus 2010,Office Standard 2010 Retail…etc

* Also resdme text file is included all editions Activation Keys.

* To use keys Open program & Go to \»File menu \» 7 select \»Help\» then Click\» Change product key\».