SeriousMagic Ultra 2 With Extras

SeriousMagic Ultra 2 With Extras
SeriousMagic Ultra 2 With Extras
SeriousMagic Ultra 2 With Extras | 2.98 GB

This is a simple but very powerful program that can remove the green and blue background (green fodder). Simply put ChromaKey. You buy a green cloth 3×3 feet, say, hanging behind him. Well, what highlights it is — at least a pair of table lamps. The brighter, more generally, the better, but not the essence.
Record … let\’s say — its appeal to Russians
Then this program you can safely choose the poke in 4-5 points on the background of this video footage. The background is made transparent removed. And you stand. Well now remains to enclose the clip.
The program also is able to create a reflection of you (or your subject), and shadows. On the floor, on the wall — as you wish. And quite high quality and with the settings.
Works even on not the most powerful machines.
! Can remove the background, even after semi-transparent material (tulle, wedding dress fabric, soap bubbles, glass, etc.)!
In real time on an average computer (Pentium IV: 1,5 Gz) can handle HD video with a semi-transparent material (cloth).
An example of replacing the green background on the background of the windows of the building:
When mount the image, all the files from it to download to a folder on your hard disk, because during the installation process will create some files in a directory that contains the installer program Pirate (ultra2_cp.exe). If it is a disk image files and will not create a bug related to. REG file.
During the installation on the desktop file UltraKey.reg. It has to be run, what would add to the registry mighty record of greed Developers. What would the program work.
Before installing, make sure you have Microsoft FrameWork 1.1 or higher. Latest — 3.0.
To install using the file Ultra2_cp.exe which lies on the disk. There\’s automatic installer. It all serial keys for you to introduce.
On the desktop, after all shamanic dances with a tambourine WILL LOADER.
Ultra2 Loader.exe
It and RUN!