Hotfix SPB 16.50.001 — 16.50.005

Hotfix SPB 16.50.001 — 16.50.005

Hotfix SPB 16.50.001 - 16.50.005
Hotfix SPB 16.50.001 — 16.50.005 | 1.85 GB

Version: SPB16.50 Build 001, Build 002, Build 003, Build 004, Build 005
FileSonic Fileserve Uploaded links — Single Extraction — InterChangable — No Password

Description: Updates to the Cadence SPB / OrCAD 16.50.000 — 16.50.004
To install the latest updates, no need to install anything just download and install the latest. But in previous versions of SPB happened that after the upgrade appear \»fresh\» glitches, then try the previous one.



825848 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape not filled when edges from 2 RKO shapes touch around mouting hole
837723 CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDITOR Occurrences of external design not related to current root should not show
891079 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DEHDL crashes with large number of commands in Winodws mode
910908 SIG_EXPLORER OTHER Cannot open top if Tx AMI dll name contain more than 2 dot.
914036 CAPTURE LIBRARY ENH: Option to delete a corrupted part from a library and leaving other parts intact in the library.
914679 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Custom toolbars are not retained when switching between brd to dra and back to brd file using the File > Recent Designs
914870 MODEL_INTEGRIT OTHER mergedml fails to merger 2 DML files from the model integrity
915645 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Allow the user to place the cross-section chart at a desired location
915653 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV unable to delete non-etch shape
915711 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT dimensioning tolerancing by limit not working
916321 CAPTURE GEN_BOM letter limitation in include file
916907 CAPTURE SCHEMATICS “Auto Connect to Bus” should place the wire through non-connectivity objects
920327 CONSTRAINT_MGR ANALYSIS The TotalEtchLength predicate in Constraint Manager does not work for a netclass with a bus.
920753 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS If I confirm to padshape with zoom-in after install the s002 It was changed to wrong shape.
921097 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Padstack seen partail filled when Zoomed in even \»static_shapes_fill_solid\» is set
921226 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRAFTING Unable to select Package Geometry class when dimensioning in the symbol editor.
921623 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Bug : Symbol not visible when zoomed in 16.5 S002
921891 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRAFTING dimensions are lost after downrev(ing) a SPB 16.5 design with associative dimensions
921937 ALLEGRO_EDITOR COLOR Padstacks with shape symbol are not showing correctly
922066 CONSTRAINT_MGR ANALYSIS Custom measurement Actual not being cleared when layout changes.
922117 PSPICE PROBE Label colors are not correct in Probe
922519 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SKILL add_bviaarray command fails for some clines but not all
923224 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Thermal flash Display problem in Allegro v16.5 Hotfix S002
923286 CAPTURE DRC DRC markers not reported for undefined RefDes
923362 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLOTTING Print to Postscript file not correct in 16.5
923416 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PAD_EDITOR Pad Designer crash on clicking on the Arrow before Soldermask_top
923507 CONCEPT_HDL CONCEPT-PCBDW The function of Import Design in the SPB16.5 Design Entry HDL (for data of ADW15.5_S23 + SPB16.3)
923910 CIS PART_MANAGER Copy & Paste operation from Part Manager copies properties only to first section of the part.
923913 CAPTURE PROJECT_MANAGER Capture runs slow on attached design
923937 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Back annotation time significantly increased with the metadata generation on
923949 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES Incremental DXF_IN gives \’Invalid subclass\’ error
924458 SCM OTHER Project > Export > Schematics crashes
924621 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Dynamic shapes are disappearing upon updating them to smooth.
925193 SIG_INTEGRITY FIELD_SOLVERS Diffential Impedance (DiffZ0) values computed in the layer stack-up is incorrect
925195 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Incorrect pin to shape DRC error
925338 CONCEPT_HDL CORE This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
925435 CAPTURE TCL_INTERFACE Capture crashes if “Save design as UPPERCASE” option is disabled.
925530 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Why the single line impedance value for Top and Bottom layers are different for this design?
925864 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRAFTING Ability to add dimensioning to different CLASS/SUBCLASS
925976 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MENTOR mbs2brd fails to import data
926409 SIP_LAYOUT DRAFTING Exporting a 16.5 design to 16.3 will cause the leader/dimesion lines to be removed.
926443 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR In new 16.3 \»035\» ISR Concept2cm will crash with error.
926503 CAPTURE GENERAL Memory leak Capture/Pspice
926553 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR CMGR ERROR There is no net in the Cset that has pins matching those in net 1 in the Xnet
926691 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Crash while Importing Technology File in CM, with Overwrite Constraints.
926887 CONSTRAINT_MGR CONCEPT_HDL Pin pairs lost after Export Physical
927159 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Export Physical fails due to errors in ConCM.log when SIGNAL_MODEL injected property is \’\’
DATE: 08-19-2011 HOTFIX VERSION: 004
274381 XSIM-COMPILE ELAB-VHDL Assertion failed: file elabSC.cpp. line 173
785417 CONCEPT_HDL COPY_PROJECT copyprojectui crashes with a Windows runtime error
851044 CAPTURE GEN_BOM \»Export BOM report to Excel\» does not appear in the Standard Bill of Material Window.
868216 PSPICE MODELEDITOR Encryption of subckt names, internal nodes, comments
870247 PSPICE SIMULATOR Encrypt a model and simulate it, info about inside nodes being dumped in the probe file
877091 CAPTURE SCHEMATICS Save JPEG, GIF, PNG and other image formats in the database in its compressed form
894059 CAPTURE OTHER Enhancement: Adding column in edit>browse>parts window
895902 RF_PCB OTHER Alphanumerical allegro pin numbers are unusable in ADS 2009 Update 1
895919 RF_PCB OTHER Round trip Allegro to ADS to Allegro requirement
903102 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Zcopy shape command for cline seems not to work correctly.
905562 SIG_INTEGRITY SIGWAVE Noise margin seems not to be measured correctly with Eye Measure function.
909469 SCM TABLE ASA crashes when opening project
909595 APD LOGIC Inconsistency between export die text out and show element after pin swap
911123 CONCEPT_HDL CORE 16.2 Design uprev to 16.5 fails with ERROR SPCOCD-152
911569 CAPTURE EE_INTERSHEET_RE Q: Why is capture assigning incorrect Irefs in attacehd design ?
915657 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Allegro PDF Publisher Mirror capability
915755 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Cannot view net in SigXP
916062 CAPTURE GENERAL Auto Wire Crashes Capture
916820 F2B OTHER RF create netlist with problem
917967 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REFRESH Update symbol resets refdes location for bottom side components only.
919343 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Place Manual is crashing the board file
919481 CONCEPT_HDL CHECKPLUS CheckPlus isGlobal function is not working
919510 CONCEPT_HDL PAGE_MGMT takes 10 min to insert page in DE HDL
919976 APD DATABASE Update Padstack to design crashed APD.
920418 SIP_LAYOUT OTHER SiP enhancement to Auto Assign Pin Use to add ability to change the pin use definition
920420 SIP_LAYOUT LOGIC SiP enhancement to Logic Auto Assign Net to display a dialouge Auto Pin Use assignment should be run
920712 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Program has encountered a problem … error when creating artwork
920763 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Soldermask gerber missing thru-hole pins
920976 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Question regarding the difference in the behavior of 3D Viewer w.r.t. height_min
920993 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Minimum Metal Spacing Error is detected on Same Net
921727 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Pad Boundary causing P/P drc to adjacent symbol.
922579 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Xcon file gets corrupted upon Save of Hierarchical design with Global nets tied to interface nets
922592 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE-HDL does not report illegal connection when Global Net tied to interface net using an Port symbol and named
922758 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Allegro crashes while placing second mechanical symbol with route keepin
922839 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFA The DFA drc display is unstable.
923293 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES File> Export> IDX is failing for this design while creating an empty error log.
924772 ADW PCBCACHE Import Sheet is not bringing in Parts used in the source pages into target cache ptf
DATE: 08-4-2011 HOTFIX VERSION: 003
787414 CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDITOR Part value can’t be moved on schematic if a part has been copied to a new design and not saved yet.
903898 PCB_LIBRARIAN GRAPHICAL_EDITOR PDV move symbol graphics and Undo causes corruption in graphics
904287 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK some cline with arc is missed, when creating artwork.
904418 CHANNEL_ANALYS SIMULATION channel analysis sim does not give valid result
905777 SIG_INTEGRITY SIMULATION User gets popup message that halts an analysis until it is acknowledged
906139 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Bus sim result were cleared at the next run even if no preference changed.
908680 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Extra prop delay due to resistance
909583 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SKILL axlPolyOperation AND operation is not working correctly.
910315 ADW LRM Import Design with ADW causes partmgr and pxl errors
910689 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR NO_SWAP_COMP warning after uprev to 16.5
911684 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Attribute Definitions are incompatible for attribute \’HEADER\’. when attempting to place in 16.5
912343 APD OTHER APD crash on trying to modify the padstack
912384 PCB_LIBRARIAN CORE PDV Symbol Editor often freezes when moving groups objects by arrow keys
912853 APD OTHER Fillets lost when open in 16.3.
913586 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Cannot create the drill figures in this design.
914009 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Diff impedance worksheet showing almost zero impedance for differential pair in attached testcase.
914110 CONCEPT_HDL OTHER DEHDL 16.5 Uprev overides property values on hierachical blocks
914264 F2B OTHER Cross Probing from DEHDL for global nets present inside block doesn’t highlight in PCB Editor.
914309 CONCEPT_HDL CORE 16.5 DEHDL crash on saving the user design
914558 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Gerber6x00 output creates unpainted niche in a shape
914633 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Artwork failing in v16.5 while the same design when downrev\’d to 16.3 is working fine.
914634 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SKILL IsThrough flag for a padstack is reset
914746 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR DRC Update repeats takes longer on each successive pass.
914962 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Corruption with Shape filling
915583 CONCEPT_HDL CORE performance issues in 16.5 compared to 16.3
915630 PCB_LIBRARIAN OTHER Error when running SI Model Interface Comparison using IBIS models
915742 CONCEPT_HDL HDLDIRECT I get a newgenasym error and crash when trying to save the symbol
916154 SCM NETLISTER scm crashes when exporting physical database to allegro
916448 CAPTURE NETLIST_LAYOUT Capture 16.5 Layout netlist contains errors
916462 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Edit>Split_plane>create hangs Allgro PCB Editor
916469 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS One Unrouted pin does not show in Unconnected Pins Report
916495 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Pick selects components from invisible (Off ) layer
916889 CAPTURE NETGROUPS How to change unnamed net group name?
917002 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Allegro PDF Publisher creates extra circles not available on film
917434 APD OTHER Stream out GDSII has more pads in output data.
917739 CONCEPT_HDL INFRA Global Net tied to port is getting split into 2 nets in 16.5, in 16.3 it is treated as a single net
918187 CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER Missing acGetTotalEtchLength predicate.
918576 CAPTURE DRC Incorrect DRC is reported for visible power pins which are connected to power symbol
DATE: 07-24-2011 HOTFIX VERSION: 002
527444 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Slide command needs to be enhanced for same net spacings
583257 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Add Connect and slide command needs to be enhanced for same net spacings.
592956 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Same net traces will not push and/or shove each other.
745285 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Requesting a true \»shove\» in Route > Slide for Same net routing.
773503 CAPTURE OTHER Doing \»Mirror Horizontally\» creates extra un-connects or extra junction dots in Capture V16.3.
774270 F2B PACKAGERXL Require to ignore space in Pattern setting to prevent duplicated Refdes.
799984 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Enhance the Fix command to select just cline segs
809008 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDITOR New nodes get appeared within the design when we select the design and do \»Mirror Horizontally\».
810058 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDITOR New nodes get appeared within the design when we select the design and do \»Mirror Horizontally\».
821133 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Output artwork for pad data that are suppressed unconnected pads with Gerber 6×00 format
831710 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDITOR Capture adds extra junctions to design by itself
842410 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Ability to slide with \»Shove\» for \»Same Net\» segments/vias.
854971 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Capability to add cline segment in a temp group
860772 ADW PCBCACHE Save Shopping Cart (pcbcache) is crashing component browser
867842 CAPTURE PROJECT_MANAGER Capture crash with \’Open File Location\»
868306 CAPTURE CONNECTIVITY mirror vertically removes junction creates extra nets
882677 EMI RULE_CHECK bypass_plane_split fail if BYPASS_XXXX_EFFECT_DISTANCE
891439 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV moving cline segments
893544 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES IPC-D-356A netlist issue with BB vias.
893765 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PARTITION Mail command not sending out email on Linux platforms.
894390 SIP_LAYOUT EXPORT_DATA Generate all balls in the xml file for export to EDI\’s readPackage command
895933 APD DATABASE Update Symbol shifts the center of the Dynamic Fillet and creating DRCs
896598 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT error message is misleading
897196 CIS LINK_DATABASE_PA Schematic Contents are not shown in CIS window while link Dbase part for parts placed from library
898598 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MENTOR Negative planes from Mentor Board Station not being translated.
899556 ALLEGRO_EDITOR ARTWORK Import artwork seems not to work correctly.
900501 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT \»Place Replicate Apply\» is showing lot of DRC\’s during placement of replicated circuit in 16.5
901141 CIS EXPLORER Japanese character appear garbled in CIS explorer window.
901666 CAPTURE OTHER Home page of Flowcad-Switzerland and Flowcal-Poland is not preserved on captre restart on start page
902066 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR Shape in Region not follow the constrains
902349 CAPTURE LIBRARY Capture crashes while closing library
902508 F2B PACKAGERXL SPB16.5 Packager-XL consumes much more memory than 16.3
902841 CAPTURE GENERAL Capture Start page does not show
902876 F2B PACKAGERXL Packager fails on the design upreved in 16.5
902959 CONCEPT_HDL HDLDIRECT HDLDirect Error while saving design
903171 PSPICE NETLISTER Why Capture is treating hierarchical power ports as floting nets in complex heirarchy designs?
903713 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PARTITION Placement Replication do not work fine in the Design Partition
903799 SIP_LAYOUT DIE_EDITOR Disappear die pins after exiting co-design die editor
904021 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Export PDF from SPB 16.5 produces a file not text searchable
904339 CONCEPT_HDL CORE new design crashes using the attached CDS_SITE
904522 F2B PACKAGERXL Part will not package in 16.5 but packages in 16.3
904764 APD OTHER Enhance Scale Factor of Stream Out to support 4 decimal places
904771 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Pin Number display issue.
904853 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Enhancement for showing Static shape as it was seen in 16.3
905144 CONSTRAINT_MGR ECS_APPLY Min Line Spacing is larger than Primary or Neck Gap less(-) Tolerance but No Warning in CM
905314 F2B PACKAGERXL Import physical causes csb corruption
905337 CONCEPT_HDL CORE ConceptHDL crashes after Import Design process.
905533 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Pin numbers for components on BOTTOM Side are moved in Preselect mode,when the BOTTOM layer is invisible
905796 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Fujitsu CM issue inaccurate concept2cm diff pair issues
905811 CAPTURE EE_INTERSHEET_RE interesheet references in the form of grid grid page number instead of page number grid
906118 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Cannot open CM if SIGNAL_MODEL value was not assigned in ptf.
906153 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SCRIPTS Unable to run allegro script in batch mode on the attached board.
906182 APD EXPORT_DATA Modify Board Level Component Output format
906200 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DFA Enh- DFA drc invoked in Batch mode returns false constraint value in Show Element
906517 PSPICE PROBE PSpice new cursor window shows incorrect result.
906627 ADW COMPONENT_BROWSE ppt options are not read if ucb is launched from FM. works fine if launched from dehdl.
906647 SIG_INTEGRITY LIBRARY lib_dist creates a signoise.log in current directory (with backup files like ,1 ,2 etc.) on each run
906673 F2B PACKAGERXL Ignore the signal model validity check during packaging
906688 ADW LRM A copy of source design gets created in worklib of target design after \’Import Design\’
906750 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PARTITION Importing design partition removes the testpoint reference designation
906874 PSPICE NETLISTER Error less than 2 connections for unconnected hierarchical pin
907095 F2B OTHER Part Manager does not show Error as Undefined when directive ptf_mismatch_exclude_inj_prop is used
907424 ALLEGRO_EDITOR GRAPHICS Allegro add option for pre 16.5 shape display
907490 CAPTURE NETLIST_LAYOUT 16.5 Layout netlist is not correct. It differs form 16.3 layout netlist.
907884 SIP_LAYOUT MANUFACTURING Need to add an \»NC\» pin text option for \»Manufacturing Documentation Display Pin Text\»
907885 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Matchgroup targets lost when importing netlist to Allegro layout in HF31
907929 CAPTURE TCL_SAMPLE TCL command to delete a property from parts in a library is not working correctly
907933 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Single line impedence not working in OrCad PCB Professional
907963 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Design uprev issue when moving from 16.2 to 16.5
908000 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Inconsistence z-axis delay reported on Tpoint when define at via location.
908057 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DE HDL crash with the cut and paste of a signal name
908060 CONCEPT_HDL CORE CTRL+LMB Option not working correctly in 16.3
908210 CAPTURE CONNECTIVITY Connection is being lost while dragging a component
908241 CAPTURE DRC DRC error column is blank in DRC markers window in 16.5
908339 RF_PCB BE_IFF_IMPORT mechanical holes VIAFC are not at the right place
908534 SIP_LAYOUT SYMB_EDIT_APPMOD issues with symbol editor and copying pin arrays
908535 F2B DESIGNVARI When I try to view my variant file the variant editor crashes
908595 APD 3D_VIEWER Cadence Design 3D viewer\» screen pops up and is all black because the colors have all converted to b
908849 CAPTURE ANNOTATE Getting crash while annotating the attached design
908874 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Part Manager — No Part Found error when using CCR# 775788 feature
909077 CONCEPT_HDL CORE After packaging pin numbers remains invisible even when $PN
909104 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SYMBOL Warning message needs to be modified. It does not save the symbol and also not tell the actual problem.
909417 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS \»report -v upc\» returns \’Segmentation fault\’ on Linux
909635 SIP_LAYOUT DIE_STACK_EDITOR Add Interposer crashes in SiP Layout
909749 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Allegro Crash during dimensioning
909760 SIP_LAYOUT MANUFACTURING Create bond finger solder mask doesn\’t follow the mask opening as defined in the padstack
909861 F2B PACKAGERXL NetAssembler broken within the latest 16.30.031
910006 CONCEPT_HDL INFRA Motorola design fails to uprev from 16.3 to 16.5, xcon file is getting corrupted.
910141 CAPTURE NETGROUPS Modify NetGroup definition does not update Offpage Connector
910340 ADW LRM Import design in schematic, only 1 page import, the entire block is getting imported.
910678 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER The Analyze> Model Assignment> Auto setup is not creating/assigning models to discrete components in 16.5
910713 F2B DESIGNVARI Variant Editor crashes when you click web link under “Physical Part Filter” window.
910936 F2B PACKAGERXL ConceptHDL subdesign net name is inconsistent
911530 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SYMBOL Package Symbol Wizard does not create symbol with the name given
911631 CONCEPT_HDL CORE DEHDL crashes when opening a design
912001 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER option_licenses entries are made in allegro.ini even when not set as default
912459 F2B BOM BOMHDL crashes before getting to a menu
913359 APD MANUFACTURING Package Report shows incorrect data
DATE: 06-24-2011 HOTFIX VERSION: 001
293005 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Allegro crash when attempting to move mech. symbol
298289 CIS EXPLORER CIS querry gives wrong results
366939 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Cannot attach refdes on silk subclass with add text
432200 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Fillets with an arc are required for Flexi designs
443447 APD SHAPE Shapes not following the acute angle trim control setting.
473308 PSPICE AA_SENS Passing variables to lower level blocks using subparam
517556 PSPICE AA_SENS Advanced Analysis does not support variables being passed down the hierarchy
548143 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Dynamic shpe on Etch TOP will not void properly.
606959 ADW COMPONENT_BROWSE Key properties with blank values are not getting read in shooping cart
616466 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Solid shapes are not getting filled
641358 SIP_LAYOUT DIE_STACK_EDITOR Request for Via and Multi Layer Pin support for DIE stack Area (blue region)
644122 SIP_LAYOUT OTHER SiP Layout — xsection — ERROR Adjacent conductive layers are not allowed, but these are diestack layers not conductor
645816 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Slide a cline all removes gnd shapes on board
725355 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE User can not voided Logo correctly.
763569 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Display status of Hide/Show unconnected pins icon in DE HDL UI
770021 CAPTURE BACKANNOTATE Changing pin group property after pin swap resets pin numbers
792126 CAPTURE PROPERTY_EDITOR Attempt to change display for occ prop resets
799014 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR concept2cm errors not shown in export physical after hier_write
803147 CIS LINK_DATABASE_PA Link DB part should not change RefDes of multi package part
804240 PSPICE DEHDL Problem in simulation result for a multi-section split part.
809118 CAPTURE NETLISTS ENH to compare two schematic Capture designs
816568 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE shape disappears when update to smooth.. State no etch
830053 CAPTURE STABILITY DXF export fails if schematic folder name as /
832108 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape void incorrectly.
833542 CONCEPT_HDL CORE PDF publisher font is NOT WYSIWIG with respect to what seen in DE HDL
835777 CIS DERIVE_NEW_DB_PA For XLS, donot display table as worksheetName$worksheetName to avoid 8012 error
837640 CIS GEN_BOM date format of CIS BOM has broken macros of 16.2 in 16.3 version
844074 APD SPECCTRA_IF Export Router fails with memory errors.
851595 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Pin numbers overlap on the pin and increase in size
852832 CAPTURE BACKANNOTATE Why is Capture crashing with Mentor back annotation?
855015 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER The rats are NOT connecting to the ends of the clines like they should be.
859883 CAPTURE NETLISTS ENH to compare two schematic Capture designs
866009 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER Net with Pull-up/down should not be used for Diff-pair.
866830 SCM REPORTS Multiple lines added as separator between title block and report header instead of single line
866833 SCM REPORTS Extra indentation is left in the left side of the report when the Line Numbers are set to OFF
868618 SCM IMPORTS Block re-import does not update the docsch and sch view
873402 SIP_LAYOUT LOGIC pin swap for co-design die in SiP
874010 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER PCB SI crashes when the Xnet is extracted with VARIANT_TO_IGNORE property.
874400 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Flip mode issue with move command
874966 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERFACES Placed mechanical component do not get Ref Des or part number in IDF file
875709 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS Film area report generated incorrect data at l1
876275 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Constraint Manager not retaining target net
879361 SCM UI SCM crashes when opening project
879496 CONCEPT_HDL OTHER Customer wants to have “the tabulation” key as separator in HDL BOM.
879514 PSPICE AA_MC Monte Carlo to handle equation as comp VALUE.
881845 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Delete island deletes complete shape
882413 PDN_ANALYSIS PCB_PI PDN Analysis should support routed power nets
882427 PDN_ANALYSIS PCB_PI PDN Analysis target impedance should have a variable multiplier
882567 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER PCB SI crash if boolean type prop was specified to VARIANT env.
882644 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT PCB Place Replicate Function automatically match Enhancement
883164 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Vias marked fanout moves away from position when moving component
883224 SIG_INTEGRITY SIMULATION crash while reflection simulation from Constraint Manager
883760 PCB_LIBRARIAN METADATA Incorrectly formatted revision.dat file in the metadata folder
885391 SIG_INTEGRITY SIMULATION RLGC data sampling algorithm and w-element interpolation.
885849 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Silkscreen Audit cannot find Solder mask for the text string
885996 SIG_INTEGRITY OTHER The effect of sn_maxwidthlimit user preference is not seen in cross section impedance calculations
886090 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Add Arc w/Radius does not snap to grid
887180 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDITOR Signals Navigation window doesn’t get updated for Buses
887442 APD SHAPE Copper pour of Dynamic shapes on Top layer which contains many existing signal traces fails.
887578 SCM AUTO_UI Component Replace pops-up the DSPANE-204 Message
887926 SIG_INTEGRITY GEOMETRY_EXTRACT Field solution failed if diff trace on bottom doesn\’t have reference plane.
888414 SIG_EXPLORER OTHER View Trace Parameter display the thickness of dielectric incorrectly.
888600 CONCEPT_HDL CREFER Cross References not added to Schegen schematic
888679 SIP_LAYOUT SHAPE Can\’t create the Dynamic shape on layer M1_sig without unwanted horizontal openings appearing.
888804 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Fillet will become static shape after import from partition board.
888945 CONCEPT_HDL OTHER unplaced component after placing module
889222 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Allegro freezes/hangs when adding shape as Polygon with OpenGL ON.
889365 SIG_INTEGRITY GEOMETRY_EXTRACT top/bottom trace impedances extracted to sigxp are wrong in 16.3
889404 ALLEGRO_EDITOR OTHER Incorrect pad size for Top conductor padstack written to column 59-62.
889426 CONCEPT_HDL CHECKPLUS CheckPlus does not find single node net
889636 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MANUFACT Incorrect spelling of \»Visibility\» in \»Film Control\» tab in the Artwork Control Form
891235 F2B PACKAGERXL Packager crashes without creating a pxl.log file
891292 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE arc routing causes weird undesireable shape fill performance
891856 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH crash when sliding diff pairs
892375 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PLACEMENT Place Replicate Update disband other groups, irrespective Fixed property added or not.
892455 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SYMBOL Why the overlapping pins are not reported with DRC?
892541 SIG_EXPLORER OTHER Export/Import layerstack through the technology file is changing the layer thickness
892766 APD WIREBOND Excuting Finger moving cannot push aside finger to move with together by shove all mode
892907 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR DRC not reported for etch_turn_under_pin violations
892963 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SKILL Bad shape boundary created after axlPolyOperation \’OR
892964 SIP_LAYOUT LOGIC Request that Edit Parts List use Dashes \»-\».
893295 APD WIREBOND Why move wirebond command does not shove wirebonds? This result in drcs.
893706 CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER On line DRC hangs on partitioned board
893743 APD EDIT_ETCH Route behavior when spanning pads not as expected.
893783 SIP_LAYOUT OTHER Padstack Design Editing update File menu with a Update to Design and Close instead of 2 operation
894456 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS Request Net names be added to Propagation delay lines of the DRC report.
894499 SIG_INTEGRITY LIBRARY Tool crashes when moving a cline or selecting the Info icon with OpenGL on.
894582 APD SHAPE When making a dynamic xhatch Via shapes surrounding are abnormal.
895542 SIP_LAYOUT WIREBOND SIP design crashing when moving bond finger using blur mode BLUR_BONDFINGER_PRESRV_CON
895591 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PCAD_IN Importing PCAD file fails to get to the point where we can map layers
895757 APD ARTWORK Import Gerber command could not be imported Gerber data
895964 CONCEPT_HDL CHECKPLUS The CheckPlus command “getFileSubstrings” is not working correctly
896428 SCM UI Changed Ref Des value not maintained in DEHDL block when part is replaced
896655 CAPTURE EDIF Import/Export Design of Hierarcy design with OrCAD Capture
896846 CAPTURE IMPORT/EXPORT Import edif2cap and capture is crashing
897155 ALLEGRO_EDITOR REPORTS Copper coverage in L2 and L7 looks like the same but film area report had large gap.
897654 CAPTURE EE_INTERSHEET_RE Capture crashes on adding intersheet refernces in abbreviated format on attached design.
899344 RF_PCB BE_IFF_EXPORT dlibx2iff does not provide the component boundary drawing
899629 CONSTRAINT_MGR OTHER ECset for Total Etch Lenght is not present in OrCAD Prof
900175 CONCEPT_HDL CONSTRAINT_MGR Few Xnets are lost from Match Group after packaging and importing the netlist to board file.
900481 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Genview creates a larger symbol without taking the no. of pin in consideration
900813 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DRC_CONSTR With rotated pads, pad (pin — via) soldermask spacing DRC is unreasonable.
900905 PSPICE STABILITY Simsrvr crash and RPC Server unavailable error while running simulation.
901783 CONCEPT_HDL CORE CDS_PART_NAME is annotated on the schematic canvas after running back annotation in 16.5
901909 APD EXPORT_DATA The \»package_pin_delay_length.rpt\» with Z-axis delay turned on seems wrong
901987 CONCEPT_HDL OTHER SPB16.5 zoom fit does not center the page while ploting the schematic page
902133 CIS OTHER The visible part property value are being shown very distant from part graphics on schematic
902166 SPECCTRA ROUTE Specctra crashes when reading in \»bestsave.w\» file
902170 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Diffpair Issues with OrCad PCB Designer Professional
902177 CONSTRAINT_MGR CONCEPT_HDL Option to view the layer thickness in CM worksheet through worksheet customization
902463 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV APD crashes when we click ( show element ) on certain components
902621 CONCEPT_HDL OTHER Design Differences (vdd) Crashes
902909 APD WIREBOND die to die wirebond crash
902933 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PADS_IN Pads_in fails while reading PADS ASCII file body
903284 PDN_ANALYSIS PCB_STATICIRDROP IRDrop voltage gradients are plotted outside of the PCB outline
903680 CONSTRAINT_MGR ECS_APPLY Constraint Manager not passing all hiearchical member objects to a custom measurement.
904403 ALLEGRO_EDITOR DATABASE Allegro crashes when refreshing module

System Requirements: Installed package Cadence SPB / OrCAD 16.50.000 — 16.50.004

Hotfix SPB 16.50.001 - 16.50.005

Download Filesonic & Wupload Here: