Nikon D70 Training 2CD

Nikon D70 Training 2CD

Nikon D70 Training 2CD
English | mpeg4 672×480 29.97 | mp3 48000 Hz stereo 128 kb/s | 1.36 GB
Genre: Video Training

Nikon D70 Training DVD The two 60-minute video tutorial will guide you through all the functions of a digital camera Nikon D70 is available in the explained manner. Camera Nikon D70 has so many features that you do not even know. This video tutorial will help you improve your photos, bring them to a professional level without looking at the complex management.


Chapter 1:

Getting your Camera out of the Box
Installing your accessories:
Compact Flash
Walkaroundof the Camera Chapter 2: LCD Display Turningthe Camera on SettingDate / time / language SLR Camera Explanationof an Taking a Picture in Auto Mode Focusing Options Single servo Continuous Servo Manual Auto Focus Point Selectingan Single Dynamic Chapter 3: Reviewingyour Pictures Multi ImageViewing Single ImageViewing Zoomingin on your Pic Panningaround Deleting a Pic Protecting your pics Vari-Programson the Mode Dial Auto Mode Portrait Mode Landscape Mode Close up Mode Sports Mode Night Landscape Mode Night Portrait Mode Chapter 4: Popular Modes: P, S, A, M Shutter Priority Aperture Priority Fully Manual Setting Activating Flexible Program Overview of Aperture and Shutter Speed ??Changing your ISO Chapter 5: Changing the Drive Mode Single Continuous Self Timer Remote Light Metering Modes matrix Center Weighted Spot Chapter 6: Two Button CF Reformat The Shooting Menu Changing ISO Changing WB Quality & Size Settings Changing Size & Quality on top of the Camera Chapter 7: Flash Modes (Changing & using) Front Sync Red Eye Reduction Red Eye / Slow Sync Slow Sync Rear Sync Chapter 8: Self Timer Mode Set up Menu Options Continuous Shooting
Chapter 1: Information Pages Available Camera Settings 1 & 2 Histogram Highlights Overview of the Histogram Chapter 2: White Balance Settings Auto Tungsten Fluorescent Daylight Cloudy Shady Presetting your Own White Balance Adjusting your Images Sharpening Tone Compensation Saturation Custom Setup Hue Adjustment Color Set Mode for Printing Saving your Settings Chapter 3: The Playback Menu Deleting Slide Show Hiding Rotating Printing The Raw format, When and Why to use Chapter 4: Custom Settings Menu Beep Auto focus Point Auto Focus Assist Bracketing Setup AE / AF Lock Command Dial Flash Settings Auto Off Setting Self Timer Wireless Remote Area AutoFocus Illumination Self Timer Wireless Remote Auto Focus Area Illumination Chapter 5: Exposure Compensation Flash Compensation Exposure Bracketing 2 Frame Bracketing 3 Frame Bracketing Flash Bracketing White Balance Bracketing Chapter 6: Auto Exposure Lock Auto Focus Lock Setting Each Individually Accessing the Bulb Setting Overview of the Bulb Chapter 7: Viewing your Images on a TV attaching a Comment to your Image USB Connection to a Computer Chapter 8: Bonus Sections Slave Lighting Why and How to Use A Lesson in Posing Lighting Setup a PhotoshopLite Tutorial

Nikon D70 Training 2CD

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