Weston A Price Foundation — What You Don\’t Know Can Hurt You 2010

Weston A Price Foundation - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You 2010
Weston A Price Foundation — What You Don\’t Know Can Hurt You 2010
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Find out how current farming methods affect YOUR health.
If you\’re NOT interested in farming — this talk is likely to change your mind.
Did you know . .
we are only seeing 25% to 40% of current genetic expression of our plants.
It\’s because our soils today lack minerals — because of farming methods.
And those animal products you\’re eating to get healthy — what did those animals eat? How healthy were they?
Did you know . . .
89% of all cows in the US have cancer?
If the animals don\’t eat mineral rich plants, then the animals aren\’t very healthy, and thus, the animal food products will not be as nutritious as they should be. It all goes back to the soil and modern farming methods which are, in turn, contributing to the poor health of mankind.
A lot of people think if we can just get cows back onto grass, everything will be okay. But in reality — and what you need to know is — that there is much more to it than that!

To reach full genetic potential and reduced pathogenic presence, we need to have mineralized, nutrient dense soils, forage, animals, and food.

The best part:
The more nutrients a food has
— the better it tastes
— it\’s easier to prepare
— the less we and animals need to eat

This revealing talk helps you understand the economic and pathogenetic risks of our current food producing ecosystems. And what you can do to find more nutritious food.

SPEAKER: Tim Wightman is a founder and board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and its education and charitable arm, the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. A lifelong farmer, Tim is on the forefront of our nation’s transition back to a local farm economy. Over the last two decades, Tim has launched CSA’s, organic cooperatives, farmers’ markets, and was the owner operator of a major organic farm & store. In 2003, Tim was profiled on the Wall Street Journal’s front page. His other media credits include numerous national publications: Acres USA, Agri-View, Country Today, Milkweed. He has also been interviewed by many daily newspapers including, The Washington Post, Detroit Press, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and the Duluth News Tribune.

AVI video file — 1 hour, 31 minutes. You will hear the presenter\’s voice and only see the visual aides on your screen.
Plus bonus footage from Wise Traditions Conference

A lecture at the Wise Traditions Conference 2010 of the Weston A. Price Foundation — famous of outstanding nutrition education from sources that are untainted by profit seeking corporations or special interest groups supported by pharmaceutical companies or government agencies.

Weston A Price Foundation - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You 2010

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