Technology Knowledge: MS 6293A Beta Early TroubleShooting And Supporting Win7 In The Enterprise

Technology Knowledge: MS 6293A Beta Early TroubleShooting And Supporting Win7 In The Enterprise
Technology Knowledge: MS 6293A Beta Early TroubleShooting And Supporting Win7 In The Enterprise
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This three-day instructor-led course will teach IT Professionals, experienced with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista in a Tier 2 support environment, how to support the operating system and solve technical troubleshooting problems in a Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 networking environment.

This course also directly supports the EDST exam.

* Advanced desktop management to reduce complexity and automate tasks

* Managing remote laptop PCs

* Security hardening and Defense-in-depth

* Meet emerging compliance and governance requirements

* Reduce help desk calls through group policy configuration

* Improving system performance, resiliency, and reliability

Audience Profile:

The primary audience for this course is the Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (EDST) providing Tier 2 support. The secondary audience for this course is the Desktop Support Technician (DST) in an Upper MORG Organization.

EDSTs are experienced IT Professionals who focus on a broad range of desktop operating system, desktop application, mobile device, networking, and hardware support issues. EDSTs must combine technical expertise with problem solving and decision making skills and a deep understanding of their business and technical environments to quickly resolve support issues. They consider all variables, justify resolutions with a logical troubleshooting approach, and relate tradeoffs while adhering to business and technical requirements and constraints. EDSTs are primarily responsible for the maintenance and support of PC desktops, installing and testing line-of-business applications on end-user computers, and physically making changes to user desktops or re-images as required.

EDSTs have used previous versions of Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems and may have experience with Microsoft Windows Server operating systems. Their job requires them to keep their skills and knowledge current with new versions and updates of technology as defined by the business environment. They use EMS/PowerShell scripts for routine tasks and bulk operations. They conduct most server management tasks remotely by using Terminal Server or other administration tools installed on their local workstations.

After completing this course, students will be able to troubleshoot:

* Startup issues on a computer with Windows 7 installed.

* Issues related to the application of Group Policy.

* Issues related to hardware devices and device drivers.

* Issues related to network connectivity.

* Remote connectivity issues.

* User profile and logon script issues.

* Issues related to security systems such as Encrypting File Systems (EFS), BitLocker, and file permissions.

* Issues related to operating system features and applications.

* Issues related to performance.


Technology Knowledge: MS 6293A Beta Early TroubleShooting And Supporting Win7 In The Enterprise

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