Tutsplus – Premium Courses – WordPress Plugin Development Essentials

Tutsplus – Premium Courses – WordPress Plugin Development Essentials
Tutsplus – Premium Courses – WordPress Plugin Development Essentials

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So youve wrapped your mind around the process of creating WordPress themes, and now you want to take things to the next level* In that case, its time to begin learning how to create plugins for WordPress.

In this course, we start from the absolute basics, and work our way up to more advanced topics and techniques.

Course Outline:

Hooks 21m 48s:

Course Entrance 48s
Make Your Plugin Visible to WordPress 2m 34s
Filter Hooks 4m 32s
Action Hooks 3m 48s
Final Project — Additional Category Links 10m 6s

Shortcodes 44m 46s:

Activating the Plugin 2m 48s
The add_shortcode Method 3m 27s
Attributes 3m 6s
Specifying Content 1m 49s
The shortcode_atts Function 4m 33s
Tweets Project — Part 1 7m 50s
Tweets Project — Part 2 10m 17s
Tweets Project — Part 3 10m 56s

Widgets 46m 53s:

Introduction to Widgets 1m 29s
Making the Plugin Visible to WordPress 2m 8s
The \»Skin\» for a Widget 4m 52s
The Form Method 5m 43s
The Widget Method 4m 31s
Registering the Twitter Widget 1m 58s
Creating the Twitter Widget Form 3m 30s
Querying the Twitter API 6m 45s
Regular Expressions 4m 11s
The Transients API 4m 57s
Echoing the Widget\’s HTML 3m 28s
Completing the Widget 3m 21s

WP_Cron 22m 55s:

Schedule Recurring Events 5m 54s
Custom Intervals for Events 1m 49s
Unschedule Events 3m 10s
Create an Options Page 2m 5s
Displaying Scheduled Events 4m 3s
Schedule Single Events 5m 54s

Options and Settings APIs 46m 40s:

Chapter Overview 1m 21s
Adding an Options Page 4m 54s
Beginning the Form 2m 55s
Refactoring the Code 4m 1s
The Settings API 11m 35s
Creating the Submit Button 1m 28s
Saving and Updating Options 5m 10s
Uploading and Displaying Images 7m 57s
Saving and Displaying Dropdowns 5m 10s
Testing the Final Product 2m 9s

Custom Post Types 30m 18s:

Chapter Overview 2m 34s
Registering a New Post Type 4m 46s
Menu Positioning and Custom Icons 2m 12s
Specifying What the Post Type Supports 1m 57s
Custom Taxonomies 6m 11s
Custom Meta Boxes 5m 23s
Creating a Shortcode for Testing 6m 31s
Course Exit 44s

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