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Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall - Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies

Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall - Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies
Eben Pagan & Wyatt Woodsmall - Advanced Learning and Teaching Technologies

English | Video + Audio + Ebook | 6.95 GB
Genre: Video Training

In this powerful 5-day training youll learn:

-A new way to learn that dramatically increases your ability to remember and recall anything you read, hear, or see
-How to learn faster - so you dont waste time re-reading the same book, re-listening to the same audio, or having to review your notes over and over and over

-A special learning technique that will allow you to remember 400-500% more of everything you study - so you can call up information much better after you learn it
-How to teach in a way that guarantees your business customers and clients learn FAST (the faster they learn, the faster they invest in your higher-end services - this one technique turns prospects into loyal customers who buy from you again and again and again)

Session 01 - How To Learn & Teach
Session 02 - The Dis-Educational System
Session 03 - The Learning Hierarchy
Session 04 - Memory Secrets
Session 05 - How To Use Association
Session 06 - The Four Enemies Of Change
Session 07 - The Four Learning Quadrants & Styles
Session 08 - How To Read A Book In 15 Minutes or Less
Session 09 - Learn To Speak A Language In 5 Days
Session 10 - How To Write A Book In 12 Hours
Session 11 - Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Session 12 - Secrest Of Being A Motivational Speaker
Session 13 - Human Motivation Formulas
Session 14 - How To Tell People What To Do
Session 15 - Neuro-Plasticity
Session 16 - Stop Setting Goals
Session 17 - The How Quadrant
Session 18 - How To Coach For Top Performance
Session 19 - How to Lock In Learned Behavior
Session 20 - Your Personal Productivity Formula
Session 21 - The 3 Levels Of Learning
Session 22 - Body Care In Long Trainings
Session 23 - The Secret Talent Development Formula
Session 24 - Create A Story That Changes Someone Forever
Session 25 - Life-Altering Realizations

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